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“My entire family — wife, two kids, and myself — signed up for the Master’s Club in 2010.  Becoming part of the TKD Masters family was one of the most enriching experiences of our lives.  We worked out together, became strong together, and shared a meaningful journey together.

My daughter and I started first in 2010; she earned her black belt in 2012.  My wife and son started in 2011 (when our son was almost three), and the three of us earned our black belts in 2014.  What an awesome achievement!

One of the most instructive elements of TKD is commitment.  I don’t recommend TKD as something you do for six months and then move on to the next thing.  TKD is a valuable skill taught by friendly, passionate instructors in a wholesome, family-oriented environment.  There’s real value here, and smart parents will encourage their kids to stick it out during the tougher times on their “quest to be the best.”  The smartest parents will recognize the benefits of doing TKD as a family — after all, the family that kicks together, sticks together!

My kids are continuing on to their second degree.  There’s definitely a financial commitment, but it’s seriously all about prioritization.

As a counterpoint to some other reviews, we signed up our two year old for a four-year program…more than double the span of his life.  Teaching commitment at a young age is one of the most important investments parents can make in their children.”

Yelp Review – Greg M


“Team Kwon center is absolutely wonderful! Master Kwon and his staff are so passionate about teaching the children about more than taekwondo. My boys love this place! My younger one had his 7th bday party here as well and it was so much fun and awesome!”

Yelp Review – CJ Y.


“I came here looking for a different kind of work out. I’m not into the gym classes like Zumba, and yoga is too boring for me and I live nearby so I thought I’d stop in.

I practiced at Team Kwon for 6 months and lost 12 pounds (and counting)! The instructors and staff made class fun and challenging and I was always excited to come to class. The thing that sticks out to me most is how they treated me with respect. As a person in their early 20’s you don’t get treated like that a lot. I miss that aspect just as much as I miss taking class.

I love Team Kwon and the staff here. Their passion for what they do is contagious. My only regret is that I had to stop to focus on finishing college. Hi Team Kwon! Miss you!”

Yelp  Review – Ivy S.


“My husband, son and I have been going to TKD Masters for almost a year and it has been an amazing experience for all of us.  We see such amazing growth, discipline and focus in our son and we’ve seen many  benefits ourselves.  Master Kwan is a true professional dedicated to his art, as well as his highly trained and skilled craft.  I highly encourage anyone thinking of pursuing it for themselves or someone they know to visit TKD Masters in Brea!!”

Yelp Review – Catherine R.


“I enrolled my very hyper and challenging son to help him with self-control, impulsive-control, and discipline.  I cannot believe the dramatic changes in just a year.  Its like my son is a different person who has matured tremendously.  I owe so much of this growth to TKD Masters and their wonderful staff who provided my son with excellent role models.  And what I like is that the instructors are strict, but friendly at the same time.  My son and I feel as though we can talk to them at any time and that they truly care about  him and his welfare.  Even Master Kwon is very friendly and encouraging and he is there for every class.  He truly cares about his students and school.  

After seeing how much fun my son was having, I decided to enroll myself.  I love that there are adult only classes as well as family classes.  So sometimes I can go and just be with adults or I can have my children in class with me.  The classes are challenging but fun, and I have gotten back in shape.  I have also made some great friends.

And when my twin girls were old enough, I enrolled them.  They absolutely love TKD and the little ninja classes are so much fun for them.  And as I stated before, sometimes they go to the little ninja class and sometimes they go to the family class with their big brother and me. It is such a great bonding experience for us.  And there are many other families that all train at the studio, so we have all made wonderful family friends.

As you can tell, TKD Masters has been a great place for my entire family.  It is more than just a TKD studio, it feels like we are apart of a great family.”

Yelp Review – Liese G.